Waitrose Strawberry Pavlova

Another Delia delight


Western Union Interactive


Look at this picture while slowly backing away from the screen. Something amazing happens when you are about 10 feet back.

Day of Anger Trailer

Great music, no dialogue, in this movie trailer for the classic spaghetti western

SPAM ‘N’ Swiss Special

Apparently, you should use a LOT of mustard!

Chocolat Suchard

Click for full picture.

Click for full picture.

A very nice ad from the 19th century chocolatier, Philippe Suchard, whose interest in technology may have influenced this “steampunk” art.

2013 Summer Movie Flops

Pretty good trailers. Pretty bad movies.


What’s it about? Ghost Busters meets Men in Black (with a little True Grit thrown in)
Why doesn’t it work? Mary-Louise Parker is funny. Ryan Reynolds is not funny. Jeff Bridges is funny … strange.
What should you see instead? Go see Red 2. (Unless you think old people are gross. Then wait for Smurfs 2.)