SPAM Mac ‘N’ Cheese

One more from the back of the can!



Sexiest? Diana Rigg

That’s right, Mrs. Peel (and briefly Mrs. Bond)

More Mrs. Peel here.

State Fair Food Feast

(Can’t talk now. I’m busy.)


Fresh Oysters

Slimy, yet satisfying!

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Lonely Are the Brave Trailer

“A westerner likes open country. That means he’s got to hate fences.”

Reportedly, this was Kirk Douglas’ favorite film he made. It’s easy to see why. It is simple, yet profound, quiet, but emotionally powerful. A great depiction of the individual struggling against the bonds, literal and figurative, of society.

Grilled Veggies ‘N’ SPAM

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I think they miscounted the carrots … and how do you grill peas?