Friday Night at the Drive-In: The Spy Who Loved Me

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A classic (Roger Moore) Bond film with everything you expect from a Bond film:   A great villain, Stromberg (played by Curd Jürgens) and a deadly henchman, Jaws (played by Richard Kiel*) … Spy-Who-Loved-Me-lobby-card-2 Great gadgets, like the sports car/submarine, gunplay and explosions … Spy-Who-Loved-Me-lobby-card-1 Beautiful “Bond girls” like Barbara Bach … Spy-Who-Loved-Me-lobby-card-3 And Caroline Munro   In other words, an action packed spy flick the way we like it … shaken, not stirred.

*My parents met Richard Kiel at a Christian conference in the 80’s and were able to spend some time with him. My mom called him ” a real gentleman” and “a kind soul.”

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