Friday Night at the Drive-In: Capricorn One

Something for you old school conspiracy theorists

Click for full picture

Click for full picture


Great action and great performances. (Eliot Gould and Sam Waterson are both excellent. Telly Savalas is hilarious.)


My favorite scene is Sam Waterson telling himself a joke as he precariously climbs a sheer cliff:

“And so the husband gets home, and asks his wife how the day went. And she says the cat died and she had to break it to the son. And so he asks how she broke the news. She says she just told him it was dead. And he says you can’t just blurt it out like that. Not to a kid. First you say the cat was on the roof, and then you build up to it dying. So then the husband asks how his mother’s doing at the hospital. And his wife says … she’s on the roof! Ha! Ha-ha!”

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