Moms ‘N’ SPAM

SPAM is my mom’s second favorite canned meat … after Vienna Sausages!


Friday Night at the Drive-In: Gunfight at the OK Corral


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This 1957 film is based on a true story of a famous shoot-out in the old west. ┬áBut it’s really a buddy movie …


Happy SPAMsgiving!


A special holiday treat for SPAM lovers and other people eating alone on Thanksgiving …


WA-HOOOO! Marvel Super-Heroes



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A promo brochure from the 60’s for the syndicated Marvel TV Cartoons


SPAM with Chorizo Seasoning

Another serving suggestion from the back of the can


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Friday Night at the Drive-In: Islands in the Stream

This 1977 movie is based on Ernest Hemingway’s final (posthumous) novel.