How To Give (Another) Pimm’s Party

Party snacks and drink suggestions courtesy of Pimms


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Batman and Sherlock Holmes

Zok! Pow!

A promo for the first meeting of the great detectives, in Detective Comics #572.

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You can read more about Sherlock Holmes and this comic here.  (My favorite DC Sherlock Holmes story is this one.)  The game is afoot!

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Go Steady with Ginger

A date with Ginger … bubbles your troubles away


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SPAM Black Pepper Salad

After all those holiday treats, it’s back to the SPAM diet


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Merry Christmas!

Nativity Scene in Saint Patrick's Cathedral, New York

Nativity Scene in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, New York

A Christmas Carol Promo

A brief glimpse of Clive Francis as Scrooge