SPAM All Day


Here is your SPAM menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Almost forgot!  Tea time too.

Friday Night at the Movies: Dune



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Burrito Mexitalian Pizza

Olé! Now we mangia.


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RBB&B’s Elephant Poster

You know the elephant’s thinking, “Who is this clown?”


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The Scales of SPAM


After you weigh the evidence, you can eat it.

Friday Night at the Drive-In: Vincent Price’s Edgar Allen Poe Film Festival



From 1960 to 1970, Vincent Price starred in a series of low-budget horror movies celebrating the work of Edgar Allen Poe.  (Most were directed by Roger Corman.) These films did not always follow Poe’s plots, but all were inspired by his work and most included at least excerpts of Poe’s writings.