Howlin’ Wolf vs. Muddy Waters

A real blues battle.


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Listen to the Wolf here.  Listen to Muddy here.


Choose Your SPAM



SPAM with Cheese Chunks, of course.  Who can resist cheese chunks?

Friday Night at the Drive-In: 2016 Disney Remakes Film Festival


Something a little different this week.  Disney has “remade” several of its own films, mostly animated films redone in live-action format with CGI effects.  Some of these are very good (Cinderella) and some not so good (Maleficent), but these promos look very promising to me.


Cheez Whiz Recipeez

Sure to pleez.  (What’s wrong with my spell check?)


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Star Trek: The Menagerie Promo

A 90’s TV promo for many viewer’s favorite episode of Star Trek.  Fascinating.

SPAM Is Happy Meat

That’s not a pickle slice … it’s a smile!


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