Total Performance ’65 Mustangs


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I used to own the one in the back.  I miss it sometimes.



A Lot of Bologna, But Even More SPAM

That is a lot of meat product!


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(One of those bologna sandwiches has four slices on it.  I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a bologna sandwich with four slices  on it. Of course, I’ve never eaten a bologna sandwich with green onions on it either.)

Friday Night at the Drive-In: The Greatest Story Ever Told


This 1965 film has wonderful music (Handel’s Messiah) and amazing cinematography.  The casting is a little strange, but once you get used to the actors, it is a very enjoyable movie.

Saucy Dilly Dugouts

Make sure you use Canadian cheese.  Or it turns out weird.


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Fresh-Up Freddie


Fresh-Up Freddie was an advertising character created in the late 50’s for 7 Up’s sponsorship of Disney’s Zorro TV show.


Sea Island SPAM and Other Delights

Sea Island SPAM.  SPAM Corn Puffs.  SPAM Kebob.  And, of course, SPAMburger. Yum!


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