Cupcakes, Fruit Pies, Twinkies and Super-Heroes V

Zok! Pow!


It’s been a while, but here are more Hostess ads featuring super-heroes and their comic book artists.  Luckily, Hostess snack cakes have a long shelf-life.

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The Hormel SPAM Mobile

Bringing spiced ham pleasure to your neighborhood




Friday Night at the Drive-In: A Charlie Chaplin Double Feature




Southern Living Sweet Tea

It’s hot today!  What I need is…

Mighty Marvel Super-Hero Explosion

A comic book ad from 1978


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You can read more about 70’s comics on Zok! Pow! Ant Man’s Favorite Blog.

SPAM ‘N’ Mushrooms & SPAM Ramekin


Unfortunately, I don’t have a larger pic for these dishes.  You can get the recipe for SPAM Ramekin here.  The other dish looks like mushrooms in a brown sauce over fried SPAM slices on toast.  Serve with a sliced gherkin and flowered radish for garnish.