Friday Night at the Drive-In: The Chef’s Specials Film Festival


On the menu today, great movies about the art of cooking.


We love to eat.  We love to cook.  We love to watch movies about people who love to eat and love to cook.  Here are three to tempt your palate:


In Search of General Tso (2014)




This is a documentary. But it is also a mystery. Who was General Tso? Who first cooked General Tso’s Chicken? Is there an “original” recipe? All is revealed in this very entertaining film.




Big Night (1996)




This film is about family, the 50’s, and food. Great acting all around with Stanley Tucci, as usual, outstanding. The plot is simple but very satisfying. The food looks delicious.




Ratatouille (2007)


ratatouille - cinema quad movie poster (teaser 1).jpg


Really?  A movie about a rat who likes to cook?  Yes.  The adventures of Remy the rat in Paris are good Disney fun.  But the film treats gourmet cooking with the respect and love that it deserves.  This really is a “food movie.”  (I saw this in the theater with a date who hates animated movies.  She actually threatened me at the beginning of the film: “This better be good!”  She loved it.)




Still hungry?  Try this for dessert.


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