SPAM ‘N’ Pancakes

On a frosty morn?  That sounds like today!


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Mission Orange

A soda popular in the 40’s

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Li’l Abner’s Cream of Wheat

The breakfast adventures of Dogpatch, Kentucky’s favorite son.



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SPAM at War


During WWII, shoppers in the US and in the UK saw this can on store shelves.  (WWII soldiers also ate a lot of SPAM, but their ration tins had a plain white label, marked “Pork Luncheon Meat.”)  Read more about SPAM’s impact in WWII here.

More Crisco Recipes


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(My mother still loves to cook with Crisco, especially for fried chicken and pie crusts.)

Friday Night at the Drive-In: The Third Man


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Part film noir, part romance, part travelogue, part cold war thriller, fully recommended