SPAMMY the Pig Says …


That’s all folks!



Der Wienerschnitzelfest


Der Wienerschnitzel ads are like Der Wienerschnitzel chili dogs.  You’re pretty sure you shouldn’t have one, but once you do, you want 3 or 4 more.  Here you go.



Friday Night at the Drive-In: The Chef’s Specials Film Festival


On the menu today, great movies about the art of cooking.


SPAM Pastries

SPAM Breakfast Bagels, Maui SPAM Muffins (pictured) and Savory SPAM Crescents


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These are from a Hormel promo recipe book put out in the 90s:


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Friday Night at the Drive-In: Grosse Pointe Blank



A hitman goes to his 10 year reunion.  It’s just what you need to watch after living through a family holiday and a presidential election.


Friday Night at the Drive In: The L.A. Noir Film Festival



The wire is you’re a mug in a jam.  Maybe it’s a twist.  Maybe it’s juice.  Maybe you’re just behind the 8-ball.  It won’t keep you from the big house, but lose the cheaters and get wise to these movies.  Maybe you’ll catch something. No grift.