Bond Villains

A hero is only as good as his villains are bad …


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Friday Night at the Drive-In: Goldfinger



Friday Night at the Drive-In: The Spy Who Loved Me

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A classic (Roger Moore) Bond film with everything you expect from a Bond film: (more…)

Friday Night at the Drive-In: Thunderball

My daughter thinks Daniel Craig is James Bond. He isn’t. This guy is.

Read more about “Thunderball” below.


A Short Drive to See the New Bond Movie

It opens tonight!

Bonus: From Russia with Love

Review Update: I saw “Skyfall” a couple days ago. It was OK. The story was good, but the action was a bit slow. And Daniel Craig mostly “moped”. Not really a fun flick. Good for Craig fans or die-hard Bond addicts. (Speaking of Die Hard, my son dissed Bond with this: “He’s OK, but he didn’t knock down the copter with a car, did he?”)