Retirement, Peyton Style

I’m coming out of retirement to celebrate Peyton in retirement.  – C.T.



That was fun.  But I think I pulled something.  Back to retirement. – C.T.


Leave Nothing

Sunday I watched a documentary on the ’85 Bears.  Today Peyton Manning retired.  I know the season’s over, but I gotta post some football.

The Ultimate Super Bowl Quarterback Match-up

A little preview of the Super Bowl

Peyton Manning


Cam Newton


Advice for Other Athletes

Another Priceless Pep Talk with Peyton Manning

Yeah. I got one of those.

Peyton Manning Audibles

Football promo check check drive shift 2 hut hut hut!


Omaha! Right! Bonus clip!

The Declaration of Independence – We Are Americans

Fox Sport’s and the NFL’s reading of the Declaration of Independence.