Slurpie Headache

Slurp. Ouch! Slurp. Ouch!


Psych vs. the Eighties

Don’t you forget about me …

Psych vs. Columbo

Where did you get that doughnut?


Just one more thing …

Psych vs Miama Vice vs Monk vs Magnum P.I.


More Psych here. More Monk here.

A Message from Adrian Monk

Here’s the thing. You can’t just post more “Psych” promos. I know you think you can, but you can’t. It’s not right.

You have a ... smudge ... on your screen.

You have a … smudge … on your screen.

See, you originally posted “Psych vs. Mentalist vs. Monk.” There were three genius detectives. Three. Not just one. So you need to post more Monk and Mentalist promos too. (And technically, it’s “the” Mentalist.)

More Psych Promos

I could sense that you wanted more, because I too am a fake psychic.

(Actually, I just had a couple extra promos from last time. Don’t tell anyone.)