SPAMMY the Pig Says …


That’s all folks!


SPAM ‘N’ Pancakes

On a frosty morn?  That sounds like today!


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SPAM Pastries

SPAM Breakfast Bagels, Maui SPAM Muffins (pictured) and Savory SPAM Crescents


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These are from a Hormel promo recipe book put out in the 90s:


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SPAM at War


During WWII, shoppers in the US and in the UK saw this can on store shelves.  (WWII soldiers also ate a lot of SPAM, but their ration tins had a plain white label, marked “Pork Luncheon Meat.”)  Read more about SPAM’s impact in WWII here.

Musical SPAM

Not the same old thing


Hot SPAM for Cold Days

You can eat it right out of the pan!