Friday Night at the Drive-In: Grosse Pointe Blank



A hitman goes to his 10 year reunion.  It’s just what you need to watch after living through a family holiday and a presidential election.



Friday Night the Drive-In: The Bourne Saga


There are a lot of great spy movies, and a lot of great movie spies …


Friday Night at the Drive-In: The Third Man


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Part film noir, part romance, part travelogue, part cold war thriller, fully recommended


Friday Night at the Drive-In: A Mads Mikkelsen Double Feature


Epic stories of the importance of personal honor when the powerful ignore the rule of law with dire consequences for all.


Friday Night at the Drive In: The L.A. Noir Film Festival



The wire is you’re a mug in a jam.  Maybe it’s a twist.  Maybe it’s juice.  Maybe you’re just behind the 8-ball.  It won’t keep you from the big house, but lose the cheaters and get wise to these movies.  Maybe you’ll catch something. No grift.


Epic Cinematic Game Trailer Festival


I really don’t like playing video games, but some game trailers are excellent.  I’ve put together a nice collection for your viewing pleasure.  Pop some popcorn, turn down the lights, and enjoy. (Mature Content Warning: Some of these trailers have graphic and disturbing content.  Viewer discretion is advised.)