Npower with Wallace & Gromit

Stoke it up, lad!


Wallace & Gromit Test the Renault Kangoo

I need one of these … the Kangoo-Matic, I mean.

Wallace & Gromit Week: Kangoo-Matic

An automotive adventure for W & G.

Wallace & Gromit Week: Fairy Cakes

Another recipe from those intrepid bakers:

Click for full picture

WARNING:  Guard your Fairy Cakes!  Feathers McGraw has escaped and is known to have a sweet tooth …I mean … beak.

Wallace & Gromit Week: Jacob’s Cream Crackers

When you run out of toast …

Wallace & Gromit Week: How to Make Fresh White Bread

You need (knead?) proper bread for cracking toast, you know.

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